About Us

European Esthetic Academy was established with the aim of expanding and improving knowledge in the field of aesthetics.

For years now our mission has been to transfer and share our knowledge in the field of beauty.

As we yearn for constant progress we strive to keep up with the newest techniques and methods.

That is why we constantly expand our range of services, to ensure that you are the best in the business and to come out of the course with a smile on your face.

We keep in touch with the Artists from all over the world after the course, all with the desire to make you the best in the business.

Our courses are flexible and designed in a manner that would enable the trainees to learn new techniques or improve their knowledge and skills and we aim to make the training and learning process as simple as possible and to transfer our knowledge and skills we have been acquiring for years.

We focus on every student equally, in order for our students to meet the requirements to receive our certificate.

Our experience shows that handing out and receiving certificates never spelt the end of our cooperation, but quite the opposite, they represent the beginning of a fruitful cooperation.

We established communities which ensure continuous contact with the Masters and other Artists from all over the world.

In addition to sharing knowledge, we aim to raise awareness with our students regarding the establishment of a relationship with their clients in order to achieve better results.

Our Goals

Client satisfaction because all your clients come first. HAPPY CLIENT – HAPPY STUDENT!

Keeping in touch and establishing cooperation with our students.

Creating the best professionals in the field of aesthetics.




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