Master Gojko Ćulubrk, CEO and Founder

Gojko Ćulibrk – Master of Permanent Makeup and Microblading, was born in Serbia. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Master Gojko Ćulibrk has created a unique technique for permanent makeup and microblading through experience collected from academies from all over the world. He got his first Master Degree in Germany and he is one of few European Masters who owns a certificate from Asia, from one of the world’s most famous academies.

He originated the “Dust” technique and is the first in Europe to start applying it – manual shadowing of the eyebrows, without using the machine. Very soon the “Dust” technique became one of the most popular and most wanted on the beauty market.

Today, one of the largest experts for permanent makeup lips in Europe, Master Gojko Ćulibrk, says that he owes his success to constant learning and hard work. He has had a chance to cooperate with the world’s largest names from the beauty industry, and has gained extensive experience. He says for himself that it has never been difficult for him to travel to the end of the world to learn from the best, as well as that he is not a supporter of excluding diversity. On the contrary, he thinks that something from every technique and academy should be adopted and then such knowledge implemented in a unique style.

With knowledge collected from around the world and taking into account the different approaches, he has created his own system of working and learning – the European Esthetic Academy – which is unique and recognized on all the continents of the world, and offers a blend of modern online education and the use of old traditional roots of PMU & MB techniques.



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