European Aesthetic Academy is offering something completely NEW in 2020 and
something that sets us apart from the other professional training centres for
microblading. We are currently offering a two-part BASIC course

» Professional starter kit (all the required educational material for about 50 treatments)
» 2 phases of training with the first one being a three-day online course and the second phase being a two-day training.
» 3 techniques: 1. Microblading, 2. Dust, 3. Microblading and dust
» Full support pending the completion of the course
» 2 certificates (Microblading – Basic Level and Dust certificates)


» 4x eyebrow pigments
» 2 x classic needle holder
» 50 x blades
» Pen for sketching
» Latex
»Eyebrow measuring ruler
» Uniform

Training Program:

Phase I

Once the contracts are signed, all trainees receive an e-book.

Students mostly require a maximum of three days to master the contents of the book (this time varies significantly from person to person, some may need one day while other require three days).

This book provides theoretical background for topics such as skin, eyebrow shape, techniques for drawing hairs, colours, complete explanations pertaining to types of clients we can provide services to due to medical or other reasons.

Another important segment pertains to hygiene standards implying a treatment that is completely sterile and safe for clients.

The book also contains chapters pertaining to the manner of use for the microblading equipment, its storage and maintenance in order toensure that all the materials are completely sterile.

BECOME european esthetic academy STUDENT

Phase II

Day 1 – Theoretical introduction + Practical exercises on the skin simulators

Trainees immediately start working on artificial skin.

They are thought how to properly work with the holder, how much pressure to use, how to tighten the skin, to find a proper working position.

For the entire duration of Day 1, the trainees will work on the proper position of the hand and get used to the only proper position of the hand in microblading treatments. In addition, trainees will go through a two-hour theoretical course (with included video presentations) on everything from the beginning to the end of the treatment, the post-treatment activities, and the first corrections to the brows as well as taking before and after photos.

Day 2 – Practice on models-volunteers

Day 2 is dedicated to work on models-volunteers (you bring your own model-volunteer and if you are unable to find one, you may work on one of your colleagues, which is often the case).

Trainees are divided into groups as the treatmentapproximately lasts two hours per model-volunteer.

The remainder of the day may be used to practice on skin simulators as well as to observe the work of your colleagues.

Hence, Day 2 does not have a set starting or finishing time.

The decision on how to spend the time following the treatment depends solely on the trainee.

Any practice on the model-volunteer is completely supervised by the Master, ensuring that there will no mistakes the Master cannot correct.


Each professional training centre has a different principle behind training. Many centres do not offer practise on model-volunteers and may even leave trainees without supervision for longer periods, thus making the course shorter.

Our method is to be there with you, from the beginning to the end of the treatment and to let you work on your own once we are certain that you can continue onyour own. This requires more engagement by the masters but this is the best way to ensure that both the students and their model-volunteers are completely satisfied.

This online preparation method started in 2020. Our experiences show that this is by far the best and most efficient manner of training.

You can find a link to our Facebook community on our website where you can share photos of your work or experiences with us and your colleagues.

Our Academy offers support completely free of charge after the course. This means that any time we are holding courses in your town or city you are free to attend the course (however, you are not eligible to work on model-volunteers).

By keeping in touch with the Academy and the masters you will perfect your microblading technique in no time, provided that you follow our advice and listen to our suggestions as we are here to help you be the best artist you can



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